Sunday, December 17, 2006

Begin at the beginning

From time to time, I will post here thoughts, comments, ideas and complaints on the genral topic of lunar return. My general position is that we need to return to the Moon as soon as possible to learn the skills and techniques we need to become a space-faring species.

Go back to my main web page to read some general pieces on background. I have numerous op-eds and papers posted there that describe what I think it's important to work on in the coming years to achieve a permanent presence on the Moon.

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Martha A. Spudis said...

Cousin Paul D. ,

Congratulations on the new "soapbox" location. Love the clean font, the Clementine photos and the blog set-up for counter arguments. Now we know where to go for across-the-bow debate in 2007. We'll be checking back.